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Hydra Ledger-only Mode

Revolutionizing Transaction Processing in Decentralized Networks


  • Streamlined Processing: Achieve efficient and scalable transaction validation, tailored for the needs of protocols like gummiworm.
  • Increased Utility: Enables various scenarios to validate or test transactions without the need for a full private testnet.
  • Improved Performance: Removes irrelevant functionalities, reducing computational overhead and enhancing performance.
  • Greater Security: Maintains the integrity and security of the blockchain while optimizing processing.
  • Innovation Boost: Paves the way for more advanced protocols to be developed on the Cardano network.


Design and develop an ADR with cooperation from the Hydra Team(Done)
Initial Proof of Concept(Done)
Merged PR(Done)
Engagement with community actors for feedback(In Progress)
Follow up PR to address any feedback(In Progress)
Final report, video, documentation and source code(Open)