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Hydra Transaction Stream Plugin

Bridging On-chain and Off-chain Worlds for Seamless Integration


  • Enhanced Integration: Allows developers to easily connect Hydra transaction stream to existing data pipelines.
  • Flexible Customization: Facilitates the development of unique plugins to meet specific needs and use-cases.
  • Boosted Interoperability: Simplifies integration with off-chain infrastructure, promoting seamless data flow.
  • Improved Usability: Streamlines transaction introspection, enhancing data management and system usability.
  • Broadens Toolset: Expands the suite of tools available for developers within the Cardano ecosystem, facilitating innovative development.


Develop an ADR and get it approved and merged with the Hydra team(Done)
Refactor the hydra event persistent layer to support writing to multiple destinations; in particular, a file and/or a socket.(Done)
Implement a service that can read from this socket, and produce a fascimile of Ogmios' API(In Progress)
Implement this event stream / socket as a "source" within Scrolls(In Progress)
Solicit and implement feedback related to these two integrations(Open)
Final project video, completed documentation, open source repository and appropriate licensing(Open)