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Sundae Governance + Atala PRISM Integration

Powering Trust and Transparency with Atala PRISM


  • Revolutionizing Governance: Enhancing decentralized governance with a robust, secure platform for proposal creation and voting, making community decision-making more efficient.
  • Securing Trust: Offering unmatched cryptographic security and independent auditing, promoting transparency and trust within the Cardano community.
  • Empowering Users with Atala PRISM: Integrating Atala PRISM to enable Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) in voting, offering a new level of flexibility and control in governance processes.
  • Innovating with NFTs: Minting voting results on-chain as NFTs, bringing a unique approach to documenting and preserving voting results.
  • Boosting Community Engagement: Enriching user experience with interactive voting, customization features, and IPFS/A governance more accessible and engaging.


Planning & Design for Atala PRISM Integration(Done)
Development of Atala PRISM Integration(Done)
Testing & Debugging and User Testing(In Progress)
Pilot Launch of Atala PRISM Integration(Open)
Full Launch of Atala PRISM Integration(Open)