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Sorbet Wallet Debugger

Streamlining dApp Troubleshooting & Enhancing User Experience


  • Enhance dApp Quality: Sorbet enables robust testing and debugging of dApps, leading to better user experiences.
  • Boost Efficiency: Save time and resources in troubleshooting and support, enabling developers to focus on innovation.
  • Cut Costs: By streamlining troubleshooting, Sorbet can reduce overall costs associated with dApp development and support.
  • Learn and Innovate: Sorbet can serve as an educational tool, helping to deepen understanding of dApp-wallet interactions and spurring new ideas.
  • Grow Confidence in Cardano: By improving dApp quality and reliability, Sorbet can boost trust and engagement in the Cardano ecosystem.


Initial POC(Done)
Address book feature + site integration(Done)
CIP-30 logging feature(In Progress)
CIP-45 support(In Progress)
Custom UTXOs(Open)