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SundaeSwap Aiken Smart Contracts

Enhancing SundaeSwap’s Efficiency, Security, and Scalability with Aiken


  • Improved Efficiency: Transition to Aiken will result in leaner, more efficient smart contracts, reducing block space consumption and transaction costs.
  • Higher Throughput: Aiken's efficiency can significantly increase Sundaeswap's maximum throughput, thereby boosting DeFi capacity on Cardano.
  • Robust Security: Aiken's design emphasizes safety, potentially enhancing security for Sundaeswap and protecting user assets.
  • Increased Adoption: Successful implementation in Sundaeswap can drive Aiken adoption across the ecosystem, leading to broader improvements in smart contract development.
  • Open Knowledge Sharing: Our journey and learnings from the transition to Aiken will be shared with the community, providing valuable insights and a roadmap for other developers.
  • [GitHub Repository]
  • [Whitepaper]
  • [Medium post]