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F11: Next-Gen UPLC Debugger with Aiken Integration

Revolutionize Cardano smart contract development with our cutting-edge, time-traveling debugger, tailored for Aiken and UPLC, enhancing efficiency, clarity, and innovation.


  • Innovative Step-Through Debugger: Introducing a first-of-its-kind debugger for UPLC, enabling developers to step through smart contract code, line-by-line, for precise troubleshooting.
  • Time-Travel Functionality: Unique backward-stepping feature allows developers to rewind their code execution, making debugging more efficient and intuitive.
  • User-Friendly Standalone Application: A visually engaging, standalone debugging application with easy-to-use controls, designed for both novice and experienced developers.
  • Custom Visualizations for Aiken Types: Enhanced clarity with custom visualizations, making complex Aiken data types easier to understand and debug.
  • Code Tieback Feature: Seamlessly trace UPLC terms back to their original Aiken source code, simplifying the debugging process and enhancing code comprehension.


Development of a Simple Command-Line Advancement Debugger(In Progress)
Implementation of Time-Travel Capability for the Command-Line Debugger(In Progress)
Creation of a Standalone Application/Web App for Visual Debugging(Open)