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June 13, 2023

Drop the “Swap” — A step forward

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A little over two years ago, two friends decided to start a small side project in the college dorms of Boston University. “A month before finals?” we thought, “Yeah, that’s enough time to start something and get it off the ground.” Fast forward a bit, and that side project has turned into something greater than either of us imagined — it’s become a full time job and employs and pays the bills of 10 other incredible people that we’re lucky to have working with us.

Change is constant. And over time it has become clear that our company has outgrown its identity as solely a contributor to SundaeSwap. While SundaeSwap remains our flagship product, today we’re making the decision to drop the “Swap” and move forward as Sundae Labs. As a result, it also no longer makes sense to use the domain. SundaeSwap and future products will now be accessible through

Along with this change, we’re bringing forward two products in particular that we’ve previously been offering, but haven’t explicitly been advertising, “Sundae Governance” and “Sundae Rewards”. Sundae Governance is our layer 2 governance solution for projects building on Cardano that has run voting for NEWM, NMKR, and was also used by the Cardano Foundation last year for the summit voting. Sundae Rewards is our token distribution service that currently powers Indigo & Liqwid rewards. If you would like to learn more about either of these service, we’ve added a few product brochures on the new site at

Lastly, we are now open to working with you! In the background over the past year we have been occasionally helping projects with development work that required some extra manpower, and we learned there is a larger need in the ecosystem for this kind of support. At the moment we are in discussions with a few projects to help support their development activity and smart contract security, and if you’re interested in exploring how we can work together, just drop us a line on our contact form at

For a short time, and the content on it will still be live on its own. In the future, however, it will eventually redirect to the new site and will be deprecated.

As Sundae Labs, we embrace change and look forward to this exciting phase of growth and expansion.