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October 24, 2021

Weekly Technical Progress Update #18, October 24

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This week, the frontend team made a huge breakthrough on wallet integration. See the video on our Twitter for our first transaction built, signed, and submitted, end to end, using the Nami wallet! Thank you to @Alessandro for a fantastic wallet. There's still work to be done with regards to hardening the logic, getting PRs merged, and supporting other wallets, but this is a huge milestone on our road to release!

The infrastructure team worked on integrating directly with the node via the Ogmios protocol to power our stats roll-ups.

The smart contract team continued try different potential script optimizations, worked on tests for the ISO rewards contract, and began writing end-to-end tests for governance.

The research and development team worked on an orchestration framework. Using the end-to-end testing framework written last week, we can now either run those tests locally, for rapid development, or prepare and submit those tests to a full blockchain, for maximum confidence. This will also power our load testing, in preparation for the release of an article on our concurrency solution.

In contrast to last weeks roadblocks, we've made great strides this week, pushing past a few major hurdles. While there's still work ahead, we feel that we've now made it through the hardest pieces of development of the initial protocol.