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November 7, 2021

Weekly Technical Progress Update #20, November 7

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This week certainly saw the nitrous fuel hit.

We released an article on our scaling solution and have received extremely positive feedback. We did a follow up interview to clarify a few small points and share the solution with audiovisual consumers. We handed off our smart contracts to the auditors, who are now hip deep in analysis.

We launched the SPO sign-up form, and collected over 500 applicants. Thank you to everyone who has shared your kind words and to every SPO who has applied. We as a team are overwhelmed by the response, and fiercely proud to be a part of this Ecosystem of Builders.

Internally, we continue to work on getting all the pieces wired together: we’re putting the finished touches on the ISO voting dashboard. We’re building out a scooper health dashboard for those who the community chooses to run the pool.

We’re conducting more load tests on the protocol. We’re preparing for the public testnet, and a string of articles to explain various features we’ve implemented. And finally, we’re working on integrating more wallets. AGAIN, we plan to integrate with a number of wallets, and what we are showing now are just those that have made the end-to-end roundtrip to sign and submit a transaction.

To that end, we’d also like to share that we have successfully integrated with a private build of the Yoroi connector that Emurgo was kind enough to share with us! You can find a video of that on our twitter.

Lastly, given the increasing pace of our future announcements, we are going to put the weekly updates on hold. We’re still committed to transparency and will be releasing more information than ever over the coming weeks. After that, we will reevaluate what makes sense for a post-launch communication strategy.