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August 1, 2021

Weekly Technical Progress Update #7, August 1

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This week, the frontend team worked on integrating the UI with running smart contracts on our private blockchain. We can now create new liquidity pools on a blockchain via the UI, and are working hard on integrating the swap contract as we speak!

The infrastructure team made many improvements to our development graphQL server, allowing the frontend and contract teams to mint arbitrary native assets, fund their wallets with Ada, and inspect the blockchain state for debugging purposes, shortening the development loop so they could iterate on those integrations faster.

The research team and smart contract team worked on cutting fat from the smart contracts through many clever tricks. In one extreme case, we've brought a 110kb transaction down to 22kb. This isn't small enough to fit in the main-net 16kb transaction limit yet, but it is small enough to run on Alonzo White, which we are working towards now. Other smart contract engineers started investigating the implementation of our oracle scripts, and planning how to integrate the Liqwid governance contracts.